Why a well designed website is important for a business ?

Why a well designed website is important for a business ?

The design of your website is important because your users care about the design. Consciously or not, we respond to all scenes, and people are naturally attracted to good design. When it comes to designing your website, studies have repeatedly shown that users only evaluate your business on a visual basis, and often use it if your site is poorly designed. ۔ will stop

Here are some key facts about why website design is important:

Only 75% of users make decisions about a company’s reliability based on visual design (source)
When it comes to old-fashioned website design, what do you think of the company?
You can question their legitimacy, question their products or services, or check the competitor’s website for better answers. Regardless, research shows that we certainly do justice to their website-based businesses.

Impressions are gained in a smooth, universal and diffuse way.
First impressions are powerful, and what you see on your website can give a good impression or a visitor to the area. this is especially true for

Focusing the search on this site, especially on health sites.visitors only take 50 seconds to create their first print of your website design (source)
Speaking of first impressions, users make them immediately. according to google study, it only takes 50 milliseconds (0.05 seconds)! in this second division, users do not get a chance to read your site or click on anything. This fast first impression depends on the visual design.

If your content and layout is ugly, 38% of people will stop contacting your site (source)
Poor web design not only hurts your reputation, but it can also turn potential customers away. people love to see content on beautifully designed websites, and if your content is ugly, you run the risk of losing more than your visitors.

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