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Social media management is the process of creating, scheduling, analyzing, and engaging with content posted on social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Even if your time is limited, social media management tools and services can make your social media presence a priority.


With so many channels available to reach consumers, it can be hard for. As is the case with email, marketers can't send out SMS messages.


Email marketing and SMS are entirely permission-based. SMS marketing requires the intended recipient to enter a short code.

Lead Generation

Text message lead generation is a powerful growth strategy. Start adding SMS marketing to your clients' campaigns and watch.

Purchase Trick

Create an SMS Marketing Team. Large SMS marketing campaigns aren't DIY. Know Thy Customer.


SMS stands for “short message service.” These messages can be sent between phones or from a computer to a mobile device.


A marketing strategy that uses SMS for time-sensitive messages that require immediate engagement and e-mail for longer.

SMS/Email Marketing with a creative Concept

Email marketing is the act of sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using email.

In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing. It usually involves using email to send advertisements, request business, or solicit sales or donations, and is meant to build loyalty, trust, or brand awareness.

Exclusive Style Options

Marketing emails can be sent to a purchased lead list or a current customer database.
The term usually refers to sending email messages with the purpose of enhancing a merchant’s relationship with current or previous customers, encouraging customer loyalty and repeat business, acquiring new customers or convincing current customers to purchase something immediately, and sharing third-party ads.

Customer Support

Customer support is a range of customer services to assist customers in making cost effective and correct use of a product.

SMS/Email Marketing

Direct text marketing is a form of marketing. This includes using a medium which involves text messaging over a mobile device.


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